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Wages and the tech labor situation in 2023

The technology and development sector often follows its own rules. One of the moments in which it is different from the rest is when it comes to defining a job offer and looking for candidates to fill it. What is the current state of tech jobs and programming jobs? In which cities are there more job opportunities in technology?

The tech sector is going through a time of change.

You can use this phrase whenever you want, because if there is a sector that leads or follows all kinds of initiatives that alter its reality, it is the technology sector. And it is also doing so in terms of employment. Tech Corporations are facing massive layoffs (but with good relocations to startups, decentralized companies and other alternatives), artificial intelligence (never a substitute, but an essential tool for easier and more efficient programming), new developments in recruitment….

Speaking of which, the tech recruiter does not have it easy. He is still learning how to communicate with techies, especially when it comes to proposing IT job offers. The classic method (spam, mismatched offers, mismatched salaries) is giving way to a match model, where talking to candidates is not a refusal or a bad answer.

This is what we do at Joppy: 0% spam and 100% match.

For 4 years we have been studying the state of salaries and the tech ecosystem, presenting a 30+ page report with data, graphs and conclusions. We tell you a little about it in this article.

Some tech job data that will help you

  • Remote is booming. 40% of devs want to work remote, 38% hybrid and 22% office (as opposed to 2021 which was split 31-40-29). Bids have also moved toward remote, although hybrid still remains at the tail end of work models.
  • The average turnover in a software development job is 1.7 years, although it is leadership positions rises to 2.7 years.
  • On average, it takes 1.5 months to hire a candidate from the time you post the job opening or start actively searching for candidates.
  • Salaries have increased by 7% from 2021 to 2022, much of it in senior positions.
  • In cities like Madrid and Barcelona, salary expectations among techies are in the middle of the average salaries, more noticeable in middle and senior positions. Remote does not vary salaries… so, if you were thinking of posting a remote offer with a lower salary, you shouldn’t do it.

See how salaries in technology jobs in Barcelona, for mobile, are related in supply and demand.

And remember: offers that publish the salary in visible are 78% more likely to find their ideal tech worker.

In our salary report you will also find some interesting data on the most in-demand tech profiles… and the ones that are most in demand in the main cities of Spain.

The first thing that stands out is the diversification of profiles in the job offers. Back, Front and Full Stack are still the most demanded positions. But, with the more specific needs of the sector, it has expanded: employment in IT security, in QA, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence…. Look for example in Madrid as there is more variety of profiles in the offers.

Regarding languages and skills in demand, Java and C# are the most demanded by consulting firms, while Python is the most demanded in startups. Do you want to know which is the most difficult language to find remotely? You have it in the report, download it!

See for example the most demanded languages in Madrid for Frontend positions. JavaScript continues to dominate, although the knowledge of Angular (one of their frameworks) has increased to the detriment of React (their other great framework).

Let’s go to another less “mainstream” position such as remote Big Data tech work. In this case, we see the “supply” of techies with these languages. Good news for those looking for Python experts: more than 75% master it. This language, very oriented to Artificial Intelligence, will be key in the coming years.

In summary, the tech market has many variables to address: this year has also grown the interest in good practices such as clean code, SCRUM, SOLID Principles… and we believe it is something to include in your job offers you publish in Joppy.

And if you are interested in the rest of the reports with more data about the tech ecosystem… 👇

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