Teléfonos antiguos representando la forma de recruitment tech clásica

5 tips for communication in tech recruitment

A tech recruiter is a professional in charge of getting talent in the IT sector for a project, company, tech department… their traditional methods are already being branded as spam. It’s time for change… and to get the match with the programmer again.

Let’s not fool ourselves. The working life of a professional tech recruitment is not easy. They often have to look for specific niche profiles for even more niche offers, with very tight time limits. All in a market where the developer has the last word. Selection in the tech environment is not easy.

The most complicated part of the search for tech profiles is looking for candidates. Finding quality talent that really wants to work for your company.

But all this is no excuse for the “classic” way recruiters use to contact candidates. Why in quotation marks? Because these are techniques they still use today. Contacting a potential candidate in one way or another determines the success or failure of recruitment tech communication. And we come with five tips to improve it.

What NOT to do: the classic method in tech recruitment

Follow this step by step and you will see how you succeed… in falling into oblivion or more negative feelings for tech professionals:

  1. You have an offer to promote.
  2. Select your whole list of contacts and click on send (trolling always works).
  3. If that wasn’t enough, write a message on a social platform or even call if you have their contact.
  4. Ask for a technical proof before meeting the company or their responsibilities? Sure, go ahead.
  5. If you ultimately don’t turn out to be chosen, don’t call him. he’ll get the hint.

You can see the irony, can’t you? The traditional process doesn’t fit today’s times, with options for making a real match with tech candidates. You have to have less invasive and more compelling strategies. Developers are to be wooed, not bullied.

Streamline the tech recruitment process

Use the right contact channel

Many tech candidates prefer to be contacted via email, LinkedIn messages or Joppy chat. It is important to respect their contact preferences and not send them unwanted messages through other platforms or call them without warning.

Provide a follow-up

If the candidate does not respond immediately, it is important to follow up in a friendly way but respecting their time. You don’t want to be annoying (remember, nobody likes spam) but you don’t want to forget about it either. An approximate timing? It does not exist, each person is different.

It is key to be guided by an old but simple rule: do it as we would like to receive it.

In case you didn’t know, the closing process is usually the weakest link in the chain. See how to work it in our article.

On the tech recruiter message

Highlight what your company brings to the table

Something that recruiters often forget when publishing offers or contacting candidates is to highlight what your company offers for them. What is the work environment like? How will it help them grow? Do you have a stable career plan, mentoring, a training budget? Will they be able to develop their personal projects here as well?

And we insist on the importance of this from the very beginning, from the “source candidates” to the final stages of the interview. Tech experts want to know how working for x company or in x team will benefit them. Put them at the center of the pitch.

Clear and concise message

It is important to include relevant information about the position and the selection process so that the candidate can evaluate whether he/she is interested. It is also very important to indicate the salary. According to the data we collect at Joppy, offers with a public salary have an 87% higher success rate.

This will avoid a lot of headaches and “unpleasantness” in the selection process. If it is made clear what is on offer from the beginning (and if the company is open to negotiations, or what benefits the offer incorporates in addition to the salary) it is easier to reach the right candidates.

Personalized message

It is important to personalize the message instead of sending a generic email. Showing interest in the candidate and their specific experience can increase the chances of getting a response. These profiles receive a lot of generic emails that they won’t even read. Or, if they do read one and it’s impersonal… they won’t get a good impression.

What’s not a personalized message? 👇

  1. Hi [candidate’s name], Thank you for applying! We loved your resume and wanted to let you know that we have selected you for an online interview. Please let me know what day and time works best for you.
  2. Hi [candidate name], Thank you for submitting your application! We were very impressed with your expertise in [relevant skill or experience], Are you available to discuss your application in the next few days?
  3. Hi [candidate’s name], You’re exactly what we’re looking for! We’d love for you to meet us to talk about the [position name] position at our company.

Efficiency, empathy and education. The triple E of tech recruitment that helps gain the attention of tech talent and increase the chances of finding a suitable candidate for the position.

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