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The 5 trends in the tech sector for 2023

Artificial intelligence, decentralization, economic crisis and uncertainty? 2023 is going to be a year of novelties for techies and all those who orbit around them. A changing sector that does not rest.

Digitalization has made the tech sector grow exponentially in the new millennium. Everything is now tech… and at the same time not. Better said, we would say that everything “depends on tech”: communication, decision making, canceling certain characters…

The tech sector is booming, although we’re already starting to see the first cracks in the asphalt pavement (digital highways, of course). Yes, we are talking about massive layoffs that began with Elon Musk acquiring Twitter, which has continued to make Meta, PayPal, Microsoft… but also about the uncertainty of Chat GPT and the potential of Artificial Intelligence, about the global economic crisis…

To understand the tech field better, we have counted on the opinion of its experts. As a tech recruitment platform, we wanted to know the opinion of talent scouts and techie talent. And although you can download the 2023 trends report, you will find in this article a preview of some of the trends you will find.

The tech sector salary adjustment

Twice as many recruiters as techies believe that there will be salary adjustments in 2023.

The global economic crisis is affecting all areas, and the IT world is not spared. In a period of inflation, will companies allow themselves to launch job offers with tighter salaries?

It seems that the trend is changing… and no. The search for the best tech talent will continue, but now it will be possible to search remotely. Global talent is the trend for 2023, decentralizing jobs… and saving money with it. Will this keep techies’ salaries armored?

On the topic of industry salaries and income, our CEO Nico has written a very interesting article. You can read it here.

Among the data you will find in our downloadable you can see that the hiring cadence changes… but not much. Tech talent continues to dominate tech supply, and all for one simple reason.

This market is still a game of supply and demand. Many specialized tech offers, few specialized techs. The rules of the game in this labor market are not comparable to others, and an understanding between both parties is necessary for a fruitful hire.

AI rules in the tech sector (now it does)

Python, the main language related to Artificial Intelligence, will also be the most demanded skill… and the most learned…

For years, experts, gurus and other insiders have been saying that this would be the time for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Well, chat GPT and the rest of the technology companies betting on intelligent software have said that 2023 will be the “turning point” year towards a new way of understanding technology.

And yes, chatGTP has the potential to change the world.

In fact, 1 in 4 techies believe the big trend of the year will be a focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. No wonder they are eager to learn languages and skills that will drive their careers towards it. Starting now is starting on time… but 2024 will already be too late.

Remote and decentralization

6 out of 10 companies implemented telework measures during the pandemic and have maintained them until now

That telework is here to stay is no surprise to anyone at this point. Three years after a global health crisis, all sectors have known the lights and shadows of working remotely, and, in the case of the tech sector, it’s the prevailing reality. It is not for nothing that it’s the favorite benefit for techies to change jobs and the one most in demand according to talent scouts in our sector.

The next step that is already on the horizon is IT decentralization. Are we talking about companies without physical offices, 100% digital? In the long term, maybe, but we’d better talk about global talent. Borders do not exist in web development, and even local companies will be able to attract talent from all over the world.

In fact, 24% of techies see decentralization as an immediate trend.

The 4-day working week in the tech sector

43% of different profiles in the tech market would accept a shorter working day for slightly less pay.

The 4-day working week has been a pipe dream for years, a taboo in companies, until different organizations and political parties brought the idea to the table. Different experiments, with success measured in figures (productivity has increased up to 39% in pilot companies) have made the debate more stimulating.

Our techies and IT recruitment professionals are clear: they say yes to the 4-day working week. And with such a high number of advocates, whether it will end up being a trend is a short-term thing.

They may not be new… but we believe they will define many strategies in 2023.

  • Metaverse. Companies will be the next to enter. And not just to advertise: organization at work can be transformed… and there will be no limitations due to physical distance. Telework/Teletraining increase (and better) than ever.
  • Tech and sustainability. The energy used by the entire tech network is monumental. This requires more transparency and more commitment to the energy efficiency of all machinery. A bit circular, as the techies will be the ones to find machines and processes that are more committed to the planet, which in turn will lead to new and better ways to innovate.
  • Tech and health. The global health crisis and the quest for immortality are two events that have set the agenda for the sector. On a small scale (individual health monitoring) and on a large scale (more efficient, connected and accessible healthcare systems).
  • Diversity in tech. If there is one thing that has been blamed on the tech sector (as on many other fields), it is the lack of diversity of profiles. Globalization and decentralization will also bring diverse talent: origin, gender, identity… we hope (and ask) that it will dissolve and lose importance.

And more that are not on the list: the rise of mobile profiles, the smell that comes to digital, biotech materials… the future is already here… and it has the adjective tech incorporated.

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